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The Project Segfault Wiki

Updated 9 months ago

Rewrite of the project segfault website...In hugo (in case svelte decides to beeak something else again).

Updated 6 months ago

because i fucking hate myself.

Updated 3 days ago

Nginx snippet that redirects common stuff scrapers check to 10GB bin file from Hetzner

Updated 7 months ago

Transparency reports from Project Segfault.

Updated 5 days ago

Updated 2 weeks ago

Updated 1 week ago

Updated 5 months ago

Read Write eXecute

Updated 2 weeks ago

Read The Fancy Docs

Updated 2 weeks ago

API for our upcoming pubnix. Maintained by @Odyssium and @arya

Updated 2 weeks ago

Command line and full screen utilities for browsing procfs, a "pseudo" file system dynamically generated by Linux to provide information about the status of entries in its process table.

Updated 23 hours ago

Operating File System Profile

Updated 2 weeks ago

Cute Error Pages for your nginx web server (Customized for Project Segfault)

Updated 8 months ago

Our /etc/nginx/ config folder (soleil-levant node)

Updated 8 months ago

Msys Repository Mirror Profile

Updated 2 weeks ago

Some random Machine Learning stuff in mostly Python (NumPy, Tensorflow)

Updated 2 weeks ago

Live Scan Grub Menu

Updated 2 weeks ago

Increase your LinuxGSM workflow a bit

Updated 10 months ago

Incremental Live Operating System

Updated 2 weeks ago