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Version 5.1.3
* Update ca, de, fi, fr, ja, pl, ru, sl, sv, uk, zh_CN translation
* Events View: "Main Participants" column does not show the full list
of participants when expanded.
* mac/gramps.modules: Use current Gtk release instead of Gtk-3.14.
* mac/gramps.modules: Upgrade pymodules for Python 3.8 compatibility.
* Fix XML export when 'Group-as" name contains XML invalid chars
* Fix NarWeb: Province place-type is not displayed
* Fix ManagedWindow so that new windows don't appear offscreen when
system 'screen' sizes change in part time multi-monitor setups.
* Fix menus when db fails to open due to upgrade/downgrade etc.
* Fix issue with attach source tool, results panel
* Fix GEDCOM export; don't include ADDR when address is missing
* EditPlace: Allow Coordinates containing a comma instead of a period
* NarrativeWeb:
* Should show patronymic in individuals.
In the individuals and in surnames pages, we should show the
complete name like defined in the display tab from the narrative web
* Fix Narrated Website Google Maps Output JS Warning SensorNotRequired
* Fix incorrect link type for osm css files
* Fix image size limit doesn't match tooltip
* Update all translations for changes from 'Default' to 'Home' Person
* Change GUI references to 'Home Person' instead of 'Default Person'
* Use event attribute types in the event reference editor.
In the event reference editor, custom event attribute types should
be used rather than the default person attribute types.
* Fix Verify tool bug caused by bad change in GObject introspection
* Fix RemoveUnused tool for crash caused by Gtk introspection bug
* Fix import test for change cause by previous change which was:
Fix GEDCOM import for bad source title when sources precede references.
* Fix GEDCOM import for bad source title when sources precede references.
* Fix some reports for CLI where warning message about Value not found
* Fix Genealogy Tree reports for crash in CLI
* Add uistate to tree views filter initialization
* Fix some Python syntax errors that appear in v3.8.x
* Suppress age = 0 days in events list. If the reference event date is equal
to the event date, don't show the age except if the date is estimated,
calculated, etc.
* Fix Dashboard Gramplets to update during db close when not shown
* Fix Windows GUI mode startup for crash with some languages
* Fix dbapi to support "Abandon Changes & Quit" feature
* Fix GrampsType for comparison bug with empty string as one value
* Fix Date Display so that it uses LC_TIME if defined
* Fix StyledText so serialize will match for style list order changes
* Try to fix exceptions on ManagedWindow close
* Fix Mac SQLite3 locale bug when locale contains non-ascii characters
* Fix issue when Person has Same date of birth and death; gives an error.
* Geography: add a popup for a bad tiles path
* Fix GEDCOM export of estimated/calculated dates with modifers
* Bump to v5.1.3
Version 5.1.2
* Narweb: Private notes for home, intro and contact. If the notes are private,
we can't use them in these pages.
* Referenced regions problems. When image width > 800, the referenced
regions are incorrectly placed
* Ancestor's tree display looks weird Solves the following:
- Person boxes overlap
- Some person boxes partially visible or hidden
* some cleanup in ancestortree.css
* ancestor tree and long names.
* Adapt ancestor tree css file for all themes
* dates not localised in place pages
* Mainz problem with short text in one note, Issue occurs on the homepage
and introduction page.
* bad event links on media pages
* Navweb: Don't use media regions in some case:
- If we don't show families
- If we don't show events
- Don't show the media regions for a thumbnail
* WEBCAL: home link translated to lowercase
* Wrong web calendar title on home page. This solves the possibility to
have ">", "<" in the title
* Update LDS Temple list
* Make GuiDestinationOption Folder Icon start in users directory
* Allow import file filter to accept case insensitive extensions
* Fix db to warn/prevent opening newer schema versions
* Fix Progen import dialog and progress meter for correct parent window
* Fix Progen import to correctly handle AKA surnames
* Fix ExportPkg so errors are not lost, and has progress bar for media
* Fix Export Assistant so error messages get correct parent window
* Fix GEDCOM import when family is missing; import created a missing note
* Fix Dashboard for adding Gramplet crash in Slovenian
* Update cs, ca, fr, uk, he, fi, hr, de, sv translation
* Update date parsing for czech locale
* Fix Spanish translation for dates
* fix private proxy tagref support. Add missing code for event, repository,
source, citation and place
* [Tree doc Tex] fix "-" char on place name "-" can lead to confusion,
generating text out of the box with PDF file format
* [Tree doc Tex] fix typo on custom size
* Fix duplicated "døde døde" Norwegion Translation for libnarrate
* Fix up Event Editors Place display for bidi text with Gramps ID
* Fix issues with RTL languages and LAT/LONG
* Fix display of GPS coordinates in Places view for RTL languages
* Fix place editor lat/long entry for RTL languages
* Fix GEDCOM export to avoid translated GrampsType strings
* Allow Tools with Notbook tabs to expand to fill the window
* Limit Age Stats gramplet settings to appropriate values.
* Max ages should be divisible by 5 to avoid out of range errors.
* The chart width should be greater than 45 to look right and
avoid division by zero errors.
* Fix the Preferences 'Age display precision' value getting lost
* Fix Window family tree title for non-ASCII chars on Windows
* Fix Preferences/Genealogical Symbols when only one font is present
* Fix various Entry fields so Undo/Redo works
* Fix tag colors on PedigreeView
* Fix Gramps -v error when Gtk is not present
* Fix for PedigreeView not reflecting changes to birthday or death
* ODF DOC - Fix improper escaping in odt output for TOC/Bookmark etc.
* Fix CLI parser to accept negative integers as valid
* Fix Descendant Tree report for HandleError when no parents on family
* Fix Reorder ID tool so subsequent db additions used next possible ID
* Upgrade export VCalendar to v2.0, so can export all utf8 characters
* Fix Preferences so <ctrl>PageUp/PageDn doesn't stick on Dates tab
* Graphs: Escape for name, dates and places in graph reports with XML
illegal characters
* Fix 'Go' menu direct object selection, goes to wrong place
Version 5.1.1
* Update translations: cs, de, fi, fr, he, hr, pt_PT, ru, sv
* Disable development warning message
* Add options to sandclock in tree document generator
* Using regex in the sidebar gives different result from previous gramps release
* Fix odt output when db owner has XML unfriendly chars
* Update README
- Bump required Python version to 3.3
- Add optional fontconfig package
* Fix CLI crash when generating reports
* Fix Statusbar HandleError on merge families
* Fix missing tooltip translations in the Note editor toolbar
* Fix bugs in withinarea filter rule
- Avoid bad coordinates in the ref place
- Avoid alphabetic characters in filter rules
- Could not convert string to float by using withinarea filter rule
- Difference between sidebar filter and filter rule
* Fix Graph outputs for multiple page PDF Postscript
* Fix to make Gtk 'action names' always valid
* Fix missing menus/buttons when operating in non-English languages
* Fix ursor position error in lat and long fields
* Avoid all characters looking like a dash in 'Clean input data' tool
* Mainz Style sheet weird looking
* Fix bugs in relationship view
- Set symbols for the active person
- Set good symbols for marriage, baptism, cremation and burial
- Reduce the size of the sexuality symbol
* Fix exception when editing Note with italics/bold etc. in non English
* Restore keybindings for gramplet bars
* Fix bug in web connection menu launching incorrect web site
* Fix translation problem when creating event filter
* Error when checking option to add Quit to Taskbar
* Make the narratives notes placement an option
Version 5.1.0
* Bump required Python version to 3.3, Gtk version 3.12
* Update translations: ca, cs, da, de, en_GB, eo, fi, fr, hr, hu, is, it,
nb, nn, pl, po, pt_BR, ru, sl, sv, uk, vi
* Change default database backend to SQLite
* New feature to allow Filter Rules to be added via addons.
* New feature to use Genealogical symbols. Includes support for views and
reports. Edit/Preferences/Genealogical Symbols to enable.
* New: On restart after crash, offer to run Check & Repair
* New CLI commands; 'safe' mode and 'default' to help user with debugging
* Narrative web fix:
- some strings not translated
- The confidence and the date are not translated in the family map page.
- The date doesn't use the specified date format.
- Markers incorrectly placed. In the map pages, the markers are not placed
where it should be. Reproducible when zoom in/zoom out.
- Background not correctly set. If you use the Web_Basic-Cypress.css,
the foreground and background use the same color, so you see nothing.
You must hover the fields to see the text
- Places list is not sorted depending on the selected language. If you
start gramps in english or another language then try to generate a
narrative web report in another language, the navigation alphabet is
incorrect. This is true for the place list and the person list.
- OSM forward all http resquest to https.
- When we are on a mobile phone or a small device, we suppress the
navigation tab. In place, we have a new icon on the upper left
which is used to show the dropdown menu.
- For Home, Introduction and Contact, If we have an image and this image
contains regions, show the regions. We can go directly to the person page
associated to this region. If we click on the image, we go directly to
the associated media page. This will be true only if we selected
"include images and media objects" and "create and only use thumbnail"
is unselected
- The first line identifying a family will be more legible.
The link is not useful in the parents and pedigree section for the
current person.
- Adapt some css files.
- sort the place references either by date or by name.
- Add extra page to narrativeweb.
- extrapage can now point to joomla, drupal, ...
- add enclosed by and encloses (place)
- Add compact Ancestry trees using Buchheim/Walker algorithm
This enhancement adds a new 'compact' field to the Narrated Web Report.
A compact tree is one that is not a simple binary layout but uses the
algorithm of Buchheim/Walker to create a layout that is sensible but also
compact. Creating a compact layout is slower than a simple binary tree
but the results are significantly improved and do not leave large areas
of whitespace where there are no nodes to be shown.
- Make relationships optional in narrative web
- Option to have Places and Sources pages
- Narrative should come first right after the name, gender and parent
information in individual page
- References section at the bottom of each place with people related to this
place have birth year behind it in parenthesis
- Sort "Surname" web page by given name and birth date.
- Surname list doesn't use default name format
- Display Lat/Lon optionally on places list page
* Update the uimanager to avoid deprecated Gtk warnings (changes things not
visible to the user):
- Add config option to use Toolbar Text
- Fix duplicated accelerators in charts <ctrl>P for print is now
* Geography:
- fix pins very big when related to 2 places
- add color for custom places name
* fan charts view: Add option to show the Gramps ID in parenthesis in the fan
* Gramps 'Views' are now named in the window header
* Allow Home person to be set in Relationship and Charts/Pedigree view
* Filter Rule editor, save pane position
* Person Sidebarfilter:
- Fix Person Sidebarfilter when using 'Event' and Reg expressions
- In personsidebarfilter, search on each part of name Instead of requiring
that the entire search string matches a single one of the Person's names,
the function will require that each word in the search string matches any
of the Person's name fields.
* filters rule has attribute: Check all values of an attribute type and not
only the first one.
* filters rule have children person filter: Check all families of a person
for children and not only the first
* Graph reports:
- Better typography in graph reports Replace hyphen with en-dash.
- enable Graphviz node port selection, optionable. This enables the
headport and tailport attributes for all edges in the Graphviz file.
The default (off) value makes the arrows between persons and/or family
nodes attach their ends to the respective node at any position. When this
option is selected, the position facing the node on the other side of the
arrow is always chosen.
- Fix graphs on Windows for font selection not working
* relationship graph:
- Allow an option to not use hexagons for those of unknown gender
- Father and Mother are connected by an invisible line.
- Add an option to omit "irrelevant" family nodes
* Family lines graph: Replace rounded corners checkbox by dropdown
It now allows rounded corners to be set more explicitly for different
genders (None/Male/Female/Both).
* Hourglass graph:
- Add Ahnentafel option on hourglass
- Do not use hyphen for living persons in hourglass graph
* edit link: Add a mailto choice to Internet Address
* New Clean input data tool: New tool to suppress leading and trailing spaces.
This tool is looking for people and place names with leading or/and trailing
spaces. For each entry which contains leading or trailing spaces, a row is
added in a table. You can see where the spaces are for each row as the name
is underlined. If you double click on the row, you can edit the Place or
the Person.
* CSV import: Add occupation and residence events and attributes in the import
User can now add the following columns in the csv import file for a person:
- Occupation description
- Occupation date
- Occupation place
- Occupation source
- Residence date
- Residence place
- Residence source
- Attribute type
- Attribute value
- Attribute source
the corresponding events will be added to the person. The user can put
several lines for the same person if two occupations are known, one event
per line will be created.
- Fix CSV import for multiple place enclosed by on multiple imports
* Pro-Gen import: expanded functionality and fixed minor bugs.
* Enhance layout of the preferences dialog
* Webcal:
- better help msg for the after year option.
- Include only events after year
- add death event
* Edit Person/Family/etc. Gallery Tab: Add buttons for arrangement of
GalleryTab media order
* Add tooltip for Gramplet Bar To improve discoverability of the Gramplet Bar
Menu (Currently a nameless down arrow at end of each Gramplet bar title tab)
* Use theme settings for the error state of entry widgets. This avoids
problems with dark themes.
* vCalendar export: Convenient display on mobile devices.
* Add first class support for Occupation attribute
* Statistics chart:
- Add option to hide empty information on statistics chart
- the Statistics Chart report will show a year as an ordinal number in
* Detailed descendant report: Show death/burial information only if person
is probably dead
* Birthday report:
- Include death anniversaries as an option in the birthdays and anniversary
- Added an option to the birthday report that allows for the year of birth
(or in the case of a wedding it's year) to be printed in the report.
- Added symbols to the birthdays report showing the type of event
- Fixed the birthday report so the dead icon is able to be set within the
options window
- Added a text option to have a string that will show after a persons name
in the birthday and anniversary report. This works for both birthdays and
* Selection Dialogs: fix to avoid long delay before display on large trees
* Geography Maps:
- Changed behavior of "Look up with Map Services" Removed the section that
looked up by city, and country from the Map Services lookup for Google and
Open Street Map.
- Geocoding: associate a lat/lon to a place name
* End of Line Report: sort generation during output
* update the German date handler: added some missing Latin month names and
some old German month names
* Relative Gramplet: Person Relatives Tab should use the type from the
* Fix crash when addon/plugin contains an id with space
* Fix Delete dialogs: to support canceling the multiple deletes operation
more easily
* Fix Find Duplicate People; exception when deleting someone shown outside
of the tool
* Fix CLI import so that different db types can be used
* MetaData Viewer Gramplet: Fix so that metadata is actually detected and
* Fix exception when merging with active sidebar filter
* Fix GEDCOM importer for SOUR/REFN combinations
* Add support for GEDCOM import _FREL/_MREL tags in INDI/FAMC
* Improve support for GEDCOM export of _FREL/_MREL in INDI/FAMC
Version 5.0.2
Update translations: cs, da, de, fi, fr, hr, it, ru, sl, sv
* Fix some Gramplets not updating during tree changes after db change.
* Fix Events Grampslet for bad sort order on dates/ages
* Fix References Tab to update on Deletes of items when editor is open
* Fix GEDCOM import for better support of TMG
* Fix Edit Link 'New' button to work
* Fix GEDCOM importer to properly handle multiple surnames per 5.5.1
* Narrative web: Sort problem with places.
* Fix Navigator sidebar so can change view type with proper resize
* Fix crash when using sidebar filter and merging in another view
* Fix AncestorTree so add siblings to center person works
* Fix graphs on Windows for font selection not working
* Fix dbapi reindex_reference_maps tool to properly close transaction
* Fix zoom via mouse wheel in media event editor selectionwidget, also fixes
zooming with scroll bars always present
* Fix metadata viewer so that metadata is actually detected and displayed
* Avoid comma in a lat/lon entry field.
* Avoid invalid characters and leading or trailing spaces in the entry field
* Fix crash for multiple deletes in one transaction
* Adjust translation strings for unmarried partners to give correct text in English
* Fix failure after Gedcom import if missing objects were found
* Mac: Fix none type has no len() error.
Set correct font resolution when drawing text directly to cairo.
* Fix Gedcom import so it doesn't create completely empty Birth events
* Fix Relationship view so ages are according to Preferences
* Fix Person Editor Events to properly update during external changes like
Event delete or update.
* Gedcom import/export fixes for mime and finding media
* Fix Unhandled exception in Geography editor
* Fix relationship path between filter rule when parent is missing
* Fix Graphs that use graphdoc pdf via Ghostscript with multi-page for poor
font rendering of some characters
* Fix finddupes tool when run from Match Threshold screen again after merge.
* Fix Gedcom import for multiple notes on OBJE (MULTIMEDIA_LINK)
* Deal with SQLite db corrupted by None name mapping
* Fix XML import to add tags to Events, Sources, Places, Repos, Cits when
* Fix for delete of a referenced primary obj while editing an added obj.
Also fixed to update the referenced obj on changes from outside the editor.
* Fix Place Tree view when using enclosed by sidebar filter
* Fix EditFamily for adding a child to single parent family with Surname
guessing set to combination.
* Fix Descendent Tree report for crash when person has multiple families
and one of them doesn't have a spouse.
* Fix Name editor crash after clearing a group_as name on dbapi dbs
* When we merge two objects:
We should stay on the selected row in list views.
In case we select the first family and select the gramps_id of the second
family, the new gramps_id is ignored
* Fix Relationship Graph; extra people when using filters & subgraphs
* Fix Place Format Editor file save/load for difficult names
* Fix Not all place types appears on family lines Graph
* Remember location of Sort Events Tool
* Fix Media editor when using double click the preview of added media
* Avoid leading and trailing spaces when copy/paste coordinates from a
map provider.
Version 5.0.1
* Media Manager: add help button and remove '...'
* Edit/Preferences: add Help button
* Style Editor, Document Styles dialog: add help buttons
* Fix Select Person dialog Help button URL
* Fix Select Repository dialog Help button URL
* Relationship Calculator: Add help button
* Reorder Relationships dialog; add Help button
* Generate Book Dialog; Fix Help URL
* Manage Book dialog; add help button
* Fix Detached Gramplets Help button URL when 'help_url' not in .gpr
* Fix help URLs when they contain illegal characters and to match
wiki section targetID algorithm Issue
* Update translations: hu, hr, de, ru, fi, pt_PT, fr, sv, sl
* Fix contents of enclosed_by secondary dbapi column
(fixes scrambled places in tree view)
* Google maps URL problem
* Fix ODT reports with links when run in non-English languages
* Allow addon Reports to specify a help button URL for options dialog
* Fix Rebuild Secondary Indexes tool for dbapi backends.
For dbapi backends, this tool will update the secondary columns that
are used for indexing.
* Fix dbapi set_name_group_mapping to properly close transaction
* Fix Russian date handler crash when Russian language isn't installed
* Fix Quickview for missing table data on some Gtk Versions
* Fix startup messages when command line contains a bad filename
* Restrict Place view Name col to the primary name while allowing searchbar
to find alt and primary names
* Fix Person Sidebarfilter when using 'Event' and Reg expressions
* Fix Find Duplicate People; exception when deleting someone shown outside
of the tool
* Gedcom export, upgrade OBJE handling to Gedcom 5.5.1 style
* Fix CSV import to set marriage event role to family
* Update gramps bugtracker URL in all po files
* Narrative Web:
- thumbnails bad alignment.
- thumbnails problems in some cases.
- use latest version from openlayers.
- fixes Space between place, description and the event note
when there are many sources.
- Change the css order between print and screen. The chosen theme can erase
prior values.
- Add a width for the source column in all themes.
- Events difficult to read (screen and mobile)
* Fix typo in CitationListModel for sort change
* Fix Adding "ToDo" note crash when no active object
* Fix Citation List view Source Last Changed Column to sort properly
* Fix for re-entrant main window close when user hits 'x' again
* Fix exception when closing early editor in tree of editors
* Fix 'Generate Book' dialog for crash on 'x' close
* Fix ToDo Gramplet for multiple attempts to edit a note
* Fix Dashboard for multiple copies of a Gramplet
* Fix Dashboard to recall minimized or undocked Gramplets
* Fix Statusbar update to avoid intermittent exception on closed db
* Fix FilterParser for much older 3.x custom_filters.xml files
* Fix IsDuplicatedAncestorOf filter rule to avoid crash on tree loop
* Fix StyledTextEditor EditLink for root text changed to zero length
in the background Fixes
* Fix AgeOnDate and some reports using SimpleAccess for missing surname
* Fix crash when a filter with loop in definition is defined
* Fix HandleErrors related to LDS
* Fix ReferencedBySelection proxy for 'None' LDS Parents
* Fix HandleError in Citations Gramplet for lds place missing
* Change PlaceView drag from whole row to just icon during drag
* Add drag Icon to drags from DisplayTabs Gramplet lists
* Fix dialogs for 'Help' button closes the dialog, and non-functional 'Help'
* Fix Family Tree manager for 'Help' button closes dialog
* Fix selectors for 'Help' button closes dialog
* Fix 'Generate Book' dialog for 'Help' button closes dialog
* Fix TestcaseGenerator for 'Help' button closes dialog
* Fix Selectors to enable the 'Help' buttons to actually work
* Avoid HandleError when dragging an Added Family from EditFamily
* Avoid HandleError when dragging an Added Person from EditPerson
* Fix Clipboard rows cannot be sorted via drag/drop
* Better default directory choices for import/export file dialogs
* Records Report: call name not underlined in HTML
* Fix InteractiveSearch for find before model is populated
* Fix Gedcom export for incorrect escaping with @#DFRENCH R@
* Fix reports for shared event attribute and note errors
* Fix Fan and Descendant Fan charts in Quadrant and Half Circle modes
The Descendant Fan chart had several bugs:
1) a bug that affected the centering of the chart for these modes
2) the chart was drawn in the wrong quadrant
3) the centering of the chart for printing was incorrect
(the legend was off the page some of the time).
4) the sizing of the chart for printing was incorrect
(for very small charts of one generation, the legend would overwrite the
The Fan Chart for the quadrant view:
1) the centering of the chart for printing was incorrect
(the legend was off the page some of the time).
* Fixed issues in the Dutch relationship calculator
- extended the ordinal and removed lists till 50, like the English lists.
- Fixed bug in which uncles/aunts, nephews/nieces (niblings), siblings and
cousins with an unknown gender show up as female.
- Fixed some misspellings
* Setting the year as an ordinal number in Croatian; two more reports now show
a year as an ordinal number in Croatian
* fix name-note is not being cleared in Complete Individual report
* Fix View Column sizing so last column size setting is maintained
* Fix view so column widths are preserved when using filters
* fix the place-format option in Detailed Descendant and Detailed Ancestor text
* Fix bsddb for person sort with empty Surname list
* Webcal: link problems in some cases Year 2016 is highlighted by default
instead of current year.
* Webcal: Missing links when muliyear unselected
* Geoclose: exception when a family has no father
* Family Descendant Tree; fix HandleError
* fix unhandled exception parsing "future dates" in some locales
* fix Julian/Gregorian calendar issue when entering only year as date when
running gramps in Norwegian
* Fix and restore Statistics Gramplet to 4.2.x status
* Fix Check and Repair to deal with bad references empty handle string
* Speed up Check and Repair, backlinks check stage.
* Fix strings containing deprecated (Python 3.6+) illegal escape sequences
* Whatsnext: check if db is open, fixes error if not.
* Fix usage of posixpath; should be os.path for os independence
* Fix generate_checksum routine to avoid MemoryError crash
* Fix corrupted Bookmarks that can happen after Gramps crash
* Fix Merge Family when same parent is missing from both families
* Fix <ctrl>c in view to get selected item to clipboard
* Fix Quickview Gramplet so updates work when changing active
* Fix place reference editor for bad cut/paste on set_latlongitude
* Fix Find Database Loop Tool (bad import of _collections)
* mac/gramps.modules: Switch included moduleset to
* mac/gramps.bundle: File copy doesn't work if the glob can match directories.
* mac/gramps.bundle: Install the docs/gramps directory in the bundle.
* debian/changelog: Update the Debian changelog after the 5.0.0 release
* mac/Info.plist, mac/gramps.modules: Release Gramps-5.0.0 on Mac.
Version 5.0.0
* Correct binary test logic for primary mask.
* Fix BaseSelector to avoid long delay before display on large trees.
* Export options > Gui alignment issue.
* Fix dialog button order on non-Mac systems.
* Update Debian directory after Gramps 5.0.0-rc1 release.
* Fix Custom filter update when created via sidebar.
* Fix Gramplet configure (View/Configure) for large options.
* Fix IndexError crash in Statistics Charts.
* [Mac] Change accel for Undo History. So that it doesn't conflict with a
system binding for hiding the window.
* Fix Family Lines/Family Colors picker for bad transient parent.
* Fix import_as_dict to utilize user gramps_id prefixes.
* Fix error when opening bsddb db in read-only mode.
* Fix dbapi dbs for closeing read-only db crash.
* Fix menus when operating with read-only db.
* Fix Name formats to show all parts.
* Fix dialogs for crash when canceling via 'x'.
* Remove obsolete omeat-python-modules dependencies.
* Update translations: cs, da, de, en_GB, eo, fi, hu, is, it, nb, pt_BR, ru, sk, uk, vi
Version 5.0.0-rc1
* po/fi.po: Update Finnish translation
* po/ru.po: Update Russian translation
* po/de.po: update German translation
* po/cs.po: Update Czech translation
* po/ca.po: Update Catalan translation
* Fix merge persons when removed person was the Home (default) person
* Fix FanChartDesc for typo (copy/paste error). Bug occurs when selected
person has more than 4 parents.
* Fix Tag editor for multiple tag removes
* In Narweb, Relationship to Center person reversed
* Fix Citation Tree view for crash after plugin reload
* Fix 'References' Gramplet for issue when activated during an import
* disable Application Menu during import
* Fix Person/Family/Event view updates on various associated changes
* Fix Event view for changes in Main Participants
* Fix Person/Event/Place views for update to a Place or enclosing place
* Fix Person views to update on changes in birth/death event/place
* Allow unicode characters in json export
* Filtering problems in the geography view
* Crash when looking for a place within an area
* use same box margin for SVG and PDF.
* Webcal crashes after Narrative Web site exists
multiyear select option problem
* Catch exceptions when loading recent files
* Check that backend exists before loading database
* Disable family tree manager features when a backend is unavailable
If the default backend is unavailable, then reset it to bsddb.
* Enclose tree report image path and file name in braces
* Crash when selecting an old note, event, media, ...
Try to sort on another column.
* [NewRepositoryEditor]Fix help link
* [ReorderGrampsID]Fix broken help link
* Fix FTM for delete tree, followed by close; Title etc. shows old tree
* Fix Relationship path between filter for silent fail
* setup: Add configuration flag --no-compress-manpages.
* glade: Don't strip newlines from builder files.
* List sort by number for citation confidence level
* Fix confidence level sort in list views -based on the date-sort code.
* Fix confidence level tooltip -Stop run on text.
* Fix error in place displayer when offset is outside valid range
* Fix places in example.gramps
- Moved Greek places into top level Greece entry & added English names.
- Removed Puerto Rico as a country as part of USA
* Use sgettext for Name Format dialog
* Enable copying the birth & death fields for relationship view
* Allow Copying of text fields for Details tabs in selected views with
Details gramplets.
- Person Details
- Place Details
- Repository Details
* Geography: KML media objects not shown on map. Geography doesn't conform to the
relative paths If a place has no coordinates, KML files are not displayed.
* Fix Fan charts for scrolling/resizing of window; bad rendering
* Fix Clipboard for HandleErrors during db changes
* Fix Clipboard for Drop/Edit of Surname group in People Tree view
* Fix Relationship Graph for extraneous families when using filter
* Fix export gpkg when media files have fractional timestamps.
* Remove reference to postgresql in core code
* Move dbapi-specific code out of DbGeneric
* Create db _schema_exists method
* Fix place format option in place report
* Use -1 instead of None for default place format
* adds New [Place format:] option on the [Report Options (2)] tab
* [Narrative Web Report] Incorrect heading for stepmother or stepfather
* Cairodoc: Fix Book TOC and Index numbering and placement
* Fix Fan Chart(s) so they don't crash when opened as last view
* Fix Organize Tag editor for exception on 'x' close
* selectors: Change BaseSelector so that selection is kept during Find/Clear
* Fix multi-page Graph output to pdf with filenames containg spaces
* Fix Clipboard for right-click on empty clipboard
* docs/, docs/gen/gen_db.rst: Fix ImportError & update API docs year 2018
- Fixes ImportError: No module named 'gramps.plugins.db.dummydb'
- Update Copyright to 2018
* Webreport: Privacy problem with the relation to the center person.
* Fix Report Options when used with empty db
* debian/changelog: Finalise debian/changelog for beta1 release.
Also fix old syntax & trailing whitespace issues
* debian/rules: Enable extra tests that were failing for alpha3
* debian/patches: Patch To remove hard coded build path
from import. Fixes FTBFS due to test failure.
* debian/NEWS: Delete debian/NEWS file, only really applies in Debian
* debian/changelog: First beta release of gramps 5.0
* Sync debian directory with Debian experimental branch on salsa
* Point Vcs URLs at the Gramps Project on Github
* Correct spelling in debian/rules, node > nose
* Delete gbp.conf, not required as gbp not used to build package
* debian/gbp.conf: Remove gbp.conf, will not be using gbp to build
deb package Avoids updating it for every branch used to build it
* debian/rules: Fix spelling in d/rules node > nose
* debian/control: Update Vcs URLs to point at Gramps Github repo
* debian/NEWS, debian/README.Debian, debian/README.test,
debian/compat, debian/control, debian/copyright, debian/gbp.conf,
debian/, debian/rules, debian/source/format,
debian/source/local-options, debian/tests/control,
debian/tests/gramps-import-export, debian/upstream/metadata,
debian/watch: Resync debian dir from Debian 5.0 experimental branch
* debian/changelog: Update debian/changelog with releases since 4.0.3
* Fix testsuite failure when build happens out of the source tree.
Build path was hardcoded in an import in:
* mac/Info.plist, mac/gramps.modules: Release Gramps 5.0.0-beta1 on MacOS.
Version 4.2.6
* Fix HasCitation rule in citation filter sidebar
* Fix use of regular expressions
* Date Editor had 'Type' and 'Quality' labels swapped
* Fix FamilyGroup Report
* Fix names not displayed in relationship graph
* Fix outdated Bugtracker link in reporting wizard
* Fix replacements in Ancestor tree
* Fix Default Browser Setting
* Fix linking place on OpenStreetMap view
* Fix Family Lines Report having unescaped characters
* Fix non-local character in DB name (Windows OS)
* Fix checking for "event.string" in "treeview_keypress"
* Fix invalid February 29th date in Julian dual-dated
* Fix Note on CIR when it is attached to a (preferred or alternative) name through the names dialog.
* Improve time loading for person selector in census forms
* Fix incorrect SoundEx result
* Fix Error printing on ancestor tree graphical report
* Fix custom filter creation with 'Events occurring on a particular day of the week'
* Bug in the Name Editor / Group As
* Gramps CSV export of Places did not generate correct Title.
* Add custom Family Relations not shown in the filter siderbar
* Fix non-textual value on Tag report
* Fix 'interface.dont-ask' config key ignored on Note edition
* Fix Reorder Relationships dialog
* Shrink size of Break Lock (and other QuestionDialogs)
* Only selection of Active or Home person if commited
* Fix quick search exception when nothing in searched list
* Fix problem adding parents
* Fix bookmarks keybinding on Mac
* Fix failure to load default gramplets if GExiv2 is missing or too old.
* Update API doc for place displayer
* Add datestrings to Turkish translation
* Update translations: cs, de, fr, fi, hu, it, ru, sl, sv, tr
Version 4.2.5
* The configparser is assuming the wrong encoding
* Sorting in family tab of narrated web report
* Silence remaining PyGIWarning
* Sorting of relationships in family tab of narrated web report
* Use latest valid date rather than today
* Modify endonym handling in place displayer
* Fix house number concatenation
* Allow merging of families with one or more parents in common
* Jump to Gramps ID functionality doesn't work
* Ability to search alternate place names when selecting place
* Fix clear map action on Geography
* Database repair tool always edit all source objects
* Database repair tool ignored some objects with tag
* "Enclosing" gramplet includes places outside valid date ranges
* Fix icon and tooltip in LDS editor
* CSV import fails
* Fix duplicated Gramps IDs on Gedcom import
* Unexpected error Preferences > Dates > Markup for invalid date format
* Fix Import Vcard, can create multiple surnames with all selected as 'Primary'
* Fix Gedcom import in some alternate languages; improper date parsing
* Export options 'Preview' buttons create hidden quickreport
* Alignment radio buttons in the style editor do not work
* Select Place search & Source/Citation hierarchy should NOT be expanded
* Tweak improvement on Tag editor
* Support for Windows Python3 pythonw.exe
* Wrong parsing Numeric date format for cs_CZ locale
* Fix Norwegian relationship calculator
* Fix Icelandic and German translations
* Update translations: cs, de, fi, fr, hu, is, nb, ru
Version 4.2.4
* fixes for the PHON, FAX, EMAIL and WWW Gedcom tags to support Gedcom v5.5.1
* use more relative import
* Support for FTM and others Custom Gedcom Event Tags on import
* fix '_deeprelationshippath' filter rule
* Narrativeweb: some dates are incorrect in tar archive.
* MacOS: Update graphviz to 2.38 and change to a binary launcher in app bundles.
* Gramps crashes when closed while exporting
* Some events are not shown in familymaps page.
* Remove old debug bloc on place selection.
* Add GUI and CLI config option to allow easy setting
* Chinese characters are not rendered properly in pdf reports
* Support v5.5.1 OBJE/FORM/MEDI tag on embedded OBJE
* Sorting of Sources on gedcom
* Change "class xxx(object)" to "class xxx"
* Use "with open" instead of "try: except:"
* Change "raise NotImplemented" to "raise NotImplementedError()"
* Add new argument to IsEnclosedByRule
* Narrativeweb: place title must agree the configuration
* Improvements on CSV file format support
* update Finnish holidays
* Some strings in tools and report dialogs will not translate
* Gedcom import improvements in media area to support v5.5.1 and FTM
* Trailing whitespace
* Gedcom import of FTM .ged file containing _LINK tags not supported
* Change pycairo-python3 to pycairo.
* pycairo for python2 is now py2cairo.
* Remove pango modules from bundle, pango no longer uses them.
* Gedcom import loses spaces in text fields from FTM
* Gedcom import of FTM file containing _PHOTO tags
* Missed initializer
* Attempting to select an "Available item" for the Book Report gives an error
* Fix for either valid or invalid FTM Gedcom
* Gedcom import of FTM file with OCCU record crashes import
* crash - 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'get_child_ref_list'
* Family Page maps are non-functional in Narrative Web report
* Gedcom import loses spaces in text fields from FTM
* String not translated in geoplaces
* Descendant Report does not recognise auto. place title generation
* Translated text will not be printed in the program
* Geography: Attempting to print crashes (add parent to dialog)
* GEDCOM doesn't accept CR as a line terminator
* Wrong Numeric date format for cs_CZ locale
* Narrativeweb: inconsistent & incomplete display of place hierarchy labels
* Narratedweb: surname listing errors for people with multiple partners
* In "Verify" people w/ death event w/o date are not thought dead
* While starting gramps, it fails to pop up "tips of the day"
* GEDCOM import in CLI mode with .ged file containing ANSEL encoding tries to pop up gui
* fix merge conflict
* Use first matching name when generating place titles
* GEDCOM import with media files that have no path fails
* [Geography] Geoclose and mother handle
* place names empty if Gedcom ADDR record contains no street
* Tidy up place configuration options
* Use CSS to fade background colour in ValidatableMaskedEntry
* crash on GEDCOM import with empty _AKA lines
* Add inclusive option to IsEnclosedBy rule
* Saving/closing new person window with Alt-o does not find gender
* Fix to allow deferred translation of place type
* Include all place types in place report
* Allow place selection both individually and by filter on textual report
* Expand tree in selectors automatically
* Fix Encloses gramplet to display correct place references
* Update for appdata stuff
* UnboundLocalError on ODF doc backend
* Media Preview: wrong frame
* fix signals
* GEDCOM import PLAC:FORM in local mode doesn't work
* fix empty Place Alternate Names on import
* Merge unit test for PlaceCheck not working correctly
* GEDCOM import some Place Names & Titles are blank
* GEDCOM import PLAC or ADDR attached Notes etc. are lost
* Gramps not appearing in Gnome Software
* fix broken GEDCOM import PLAC:FORM handling
* Place Alt Names gets duplicated entries
* Multiple GEDCOM imports creates duplicate event IDs
* The place page in webreport is complete mess
* Gallery tab of Source view does not display .ods files
* Narrated Web report - Individual sort order not correct on the Surnames tab
* Specify required GtkSpell and GExiv2 version
* Narrated web report link to thumbnails is broken on certain pages
* Narrated Web report - Individual page sort order has changed
* Gramps reports that it can't find dictionaries.
* Turns out it was really that enchant couldn't find its backend because an environment variable wasn't set.
* Update translations: cs, da, de, fi, fr, hu, pt_BR, ru, sl
Version 4.2.3
* Creation of the "graphic calendar report" failed
* Fix "TypeError: 'tuple' object does not support item assignment
* Fix experienced an unexpected error
* Unable to build narrated web site
* [NarrativeWeb report] Places index and Media index are incorrectly sorted
* Error when trying to create narrative report (residence event)
* Fix filter set by default on selector, 'Show all' button
* Detailed Ancestors Report has ? for locations when [private data is excluded]
* Age in the event family view column is wrong.
* Crash when dragging multiple media items to clipboard
* vCal Export File format invalid
* Error occurs for Complete Individual Report -- complete database
* Narrated Web Site Report: places page is no longer sorted alphabetically
* Narrative web: html elements emitted in different order
* Narrative web: "errno: 1, operation is not permitted" when creating archive.
* Narrative Web report further stops in error.
* Fix multiple lines for firstname on gramps XML file via import or export
* fix scrolling in persons view after typing some letters
* Location on geography view could not convert string to float
* make typeout more accurate
* Searching in people view when surnames are collapsed
* Fix error when changing database in new locations gramplets
* Error loading Participants add-on in French locale
* Restores setting the stdout encoding to sys.getdefaultencoding() for Python3
* Fix comment about getting the right encoding for stdout.
* Date format does not match system.
* Make US English a special-case locale, where en_GB is the default for english based locales
* Enhance the Locations gramplet
* New "Encloses" gramplet to the display places that the active place encloses
* Individuals with incomplete names, not updated when name completed
* Children gramplet in Family view does not get updated when a birth/death events are added to a child
* Non-image media objects don't appear in the main window gallery.
* Pressing tab stops at element in gui places
* Double-clicking on a source in the citation gramplet causes exception
* "Find text in record" filter crash
* Fix vCard Export
* Notes used in the "To Do" gramplet are found by the Remove Unused Objects tool
* Unable to select Unicode
* Cannot import gedcom generated by RootsMagic custom place details ignoring PlaceName()
* Fix people sorted by surname view
* Complete Report about person (whole database) - PDF - crash
* Update for travis
* Only consider the values of LC_ALL, LANG, and LANGUAGE, in that order, when choosing the default locale.
* New Icelandic date and relationships handlers
* Fix Finnish translation in keywords of desktop entry
* Update translations: cs, de, el, fi, fr, hu, is, it, ru, sl, sv, uk
Version 4.2.2
* "Show all" checkbox of "Select Family" window not unchecked when the filter is cleared
* Name of user defined filter is not shown
* ErrorDialog and GtkDialog mapped without a transient parent
* 'Find' is broken when used in the Family selector
* Fix default selection in selectors
* Comment currently-unused bogus wiki URL pointers
* Fix counter for filtered entries and indentation on TreeBaseModel
* Faulty headline in start up screen
* Check that gramplet is in notebook before setting tab label
* Fix creation of focus change events
* Interactivesearch gives "TypeError: unorderable types: str() < NoneType()"
* Put tag selection list in alphabetical order
* Remove redundant code
* Fix delete error in undoable entry widget
* Fix deprecation warning
* Re-enable selection in MultiTreeView on a grab_broken event
* Add validation to gender field
* Unhandled AttributeError when db.get_tag_from_handle returns None
* ReferencedBySelectionProxy can forget some referenced tags
* Remove encoding on stdout and stderr
* Handle citation objects in glocale.trans_objclass
* Locality data in address was not imported
* Don't check SSL certs when fetching addons
* Catch urlopen TypeError when context arg isn't supported
* Fix undefined variable error
* Can not download new or updated add-ons
* ValueError: underlying buffer has been detached
* LaTeX backend crashes
* Geography: performance issue due to bad initialization and performance issue when selecting the events or places views.
* Narrated Web Site Report: html elements emitted in different order
* Unused *_init.jpg are created in the narrated website
* Some media files are not exported to the NAVWEB report
* Narrative web report: add author to citations
* TypeError: unorderable types: EventRef() < EventRef(), events list and family list are differents between two reports
* Permission denied: change mtime to origin instead of destination
* Thumbnails html file missing in the narrative web
* Narrativeweb: Place title based on current date not that of the event
* Webcal: make the month name clickable in the year overview page
* 'Narrative' word not translatable
* 'Unknown' spouse uses an harcoded string name on Simple Descendants textual report
* Father/mother's age attributes are not translated on reports
* Improve Russian date handler and unittests
* Mars month instead of Marzec on Polish locale (Date Editor)
* Translations update: cs, de, fr, fi, nl, pl, ru, sv
Version 4.2.1,
* Support for Retina and HiDPI Display, added 24px icons
* Fix verification tool with "Estimate missing or inexact dates"
* Fix missing link in hourglass graph report
* Sort custom place types in editors
* Allow Easter calculation with python3
* Fix crash on Descendants-detailed report
* FanChartDescendants View should at least have 2 generations
* Allow hyphenated gramps-id in Graphviz reports
* Complete Individual Report fails to run
* Fix broken wiki help links
* Set TextOption widget to expand vertically
* Unused Object Dialog box too small
* Short cut keys does not work in 'Change Event Types' dialog
* Update some Tips of the day
* Error when extracting place names
* Custom filters for note text repaired
* Fix Pedigreeview crash when selecting Compact view
* Set "visable_window" in GtkEventBox to fix transparency
* Faster scrolling
** cache database access for column values
** cache do_get_path lookups
** speed up load access on treeviews with no filters
** new LRU size of 1k (was 250)
** use cache in do_get_path from siblings
* Avoid using person-centric date matching for places
* Use place title as default name in GEDCOM import
* Ensure place names are not empty after upgrade
* Fix proxy to include all referenced place objects
* Fix bug that prevented any addons being loaded onto the Mac version
* Remove copy button from family tree manager
* Consistency for name fields on Person Editor
* [Geography] Place.set_name(name) requires a PlaceName()
* [Geography] Fix and improvements on place selection
* Limit problems with existing selection in media reference editor
* Stability fixes on Mac port
* Mac port localization crash with non-standard locale (e.g. en_IT).
* Fix color on history
* Fix countries selector for holidays
* Fix missing markups into textual reports
* All sidebars with Types now show custom types in combo list
* [New] Added Places to CSV import/export
* Some fixes on installer (
* Various improvements on gen.plug.utils
* Fix graph reports [in Greek locale]
* New date handler for Hungarian locale
* Updated translations : cs, de, el, en_GB, fi, fr, hu, is, sv
Version 4.2.0,
* New date and language fields on place name
* Review on GtkBuilder, fix some Gtk3 warnings and move from deprecated methods
* Change icons and buttons handling methods
* Enhanced Place Editor and new Place Name editor
* New widget: use own interactive-search
* Ability to import kml data into Geography views
* Enhancement for removing multiple selected items from Views (action group)
* Add drag support on more Views, Selectors and Editors
* Add right-click "Copy all" to ListModel and all QuickTables
* Review Alternate Place handling and edition
* New 'Place' configuration keys set by user (settings)
* New filter rule: is enclosed by
* Consistency on Privacy option for reports
* Consistency on "Name-format" options for reports
* Add DeferredFilter class (a subclass of GenericFilter)
* New textual Report: Links on Notes
* Fix alphabetic index and toc bug in books
* Enhancements on Style Editor
* Enhancements on End Notes into textual reports
* Changes on Individuals complete textual report
* Changes on Ancestors Tree draw report: Include Siblings
* Add name-format option, and deferred translation on Records report
* Add deferred translation on Timeline draw report
* Enable attributes gramplet on Source and Citation Views
* New place locations gramplet
* Optimizations around index, Flat and TreeView models
* Enhanced samples files
* All importers return now an ImportInfo object
* Experimental gwplus (geneweb) import file format support
* Remove experimental HTML renderer view
* New test scripts
* New Date handler for Japanese
* Review on Slovenian and Czech Date Handlers
* Implement both "traditional" and "simplfied" Chinese (translations and dates)
* Serbian review
Version 4.1.3, "Thou shalt not count to five", a maintenance release.
* Fix db upgrade failure
* GtkDialog mapped without a transient parent
* [Gedcom} SUBN and SUBM record handling
* [Gedcom] Import/export round trip causes lost information
* [Gedcom] Entering a witness to an event such as marriage might be ignored
* [Gedcom] Gramps can't import estim. date period exported by itself
* [Gedcom] 1/4 and 1/2 ANSEL characters not supported on importing ANSEL
* [Gedcom] Importing file containing multibyte UTF-8 characters fails
* [Gedcom] Import fails for ANSI file under python 3
* [Gedcom] Failure importing ANSEL encoded gedcom file.
* [Gedcom] Characters ignored on a Gedcom encoded ANSI (cp1252 West Europe, USA)
* [Gedcom] NameError in importer
* [Gedcom] Event address is lost on import, i.e. disconnected from event
* Crash on geneweb export with python3
* GuiColorOption missing avail-changed event handler
* Bad generation of [timeline report] ODT files since 4.0.0
* Fix bad handle in explanation note for unknown event
* Fix spurious generation of empty 'Alternative Name' in place.merge()
* Support creating directories in various scenarios
* Attempting to add a bookmark causes an error
* Long series of "unhandled exception" popup boxes while doing a check & repair
* Crash when trying to link existing place as an enclosing place using P0001 number
* HTML view fails to load
* Relationship Graph crashes
* Python3 needs new_subpixbuf not subpixbuf
* Regression: running gramps from crontab fails
* tag_map is not initialized
* Some labels now fit better on citations sidebar filter
* Event columns in web narrative are too narrow
* Problem by start program (launcher)
* Translation string missing in Not Related tool for help and close button
* Date format month/year is not well reported at editing time [in Italian]
* Fix unknown gender relationships handler for the french locale
* Fix a handle type bug on sidebar filter
* Tidy up About dialog
* Cleanup on some man files
* Convert some remaining unicode literals
* Fix mac menubar setting
* Enable python3 to run po/
* Updated translations: cs, de, fr, is, nl
Version 4.1.2, "That's no ordinary rabbit", a maintenance release.
* Error converting python2 utf-8 strings to python3 str when loading data from database
* Removing a parent place from a place leaves a dangling reference
* Error during checking the database
* Stubborn blank space in database won't be removed, fix removing rows in flat list views
* Database upgrade fails if default media path is not set
* Error converting database after upgrade to Gramps 4.1.1
* Error in a single place within the places section
* Entries from the add-or-choose selector of Place/Source/Media/Note cannot be dragged
* Enclosing places tab should work like other similar tabs, new place reference editor
* Association editor refuses dropped persons
* Error on opening twice an object from clipboard
* Incorrect spacing in export assistant file chooser
* New Event types are saved as a disordered list
* Always display main participants
* Place titles can now be generated on-the-fly by a place displayer, default is still to use the place title field
* GEDCOM import of embedded notes attached to media does not work
* Crash on .ged import; consistent.
* Errors handling owner/submitter information in GEDCOM files.
Only import researcher from GEDCOM or XML if the family tree was originally empty.
* GEDCOM export does not export media attached to citations.
* The fanchart view crashes if max generation is set to 1 away.
* Sidebar Filters do not match placetypes in new placeview, two new filter rules (HasTitle, HasData)
* Fix bug when family has no parents
* Fix bad handle in explanation note for unknown event
* Some labels now fit better on citations sidebar filter
* Views in Geography should not always use the last option set by the user
* Request for keyboard-controlled zoom on Geography view
* Error geography view - Displaying main menu
* Configure screen needs a file selector to select directory for "offline mode" files
* Filter panel on geography view displays improperly
* Detailed descendant report crashes, bibliography (citations)
* Can't disable box shadow in SVG descendant tree
* Descendant tree graphical report, syntax error in svg output
* Regression: Complete Individual report has partially-untranslated output
* Events Page in Narrative Report not working
* Gramps freeze after defining a report style with German cm values
* Various problems with docgen.TextDoc.add_media_object
* Report event attribute name is not translated
* Records Gramplet uses wrong text
* Closing detached gramplet causes python to crash
* Cannot reduce size of gramplets detached from a gramplet bar
* Gramplets don't fill window when detached from dashboard
* ImageMetadata doesn't show metadata
* typo on GLib call, used by an addon only
* Fix error setting gramplet tab label
* Check for active person in session log gramplet
* Spurious spaces in CLI List Family Trees, tab delimited output.
Print statements changed to assemble the whole line before output.
* Gtk3 warning and custom undoableentry widget, see bugzilla_id 644927
* Warnings: deprecated Gtk properties and errors loading theme icon.
Fix: database manager dialog is inconsistent for older gtk+3 versions.
Warnings: deprecated Gtk properties and errors loading theme icon.
Fix: Error loading theme icon 'gtk-apply'
* gramps fails to start with gtk+-3.13.3
* Places in data.gramps are not in the new Place hierarchy
* Upgrade the version of some dependencies for Mac OS and Windows OS.
* Keywords entry in gramps.desktop does not work
* 'Available Gramps Updates for Addons' window not on top
* Some text not translatable in context menu fancharts
* Fix for Unit test
* date inflections in, update for Ukrainian, Russian, Croatian
* Better support for Serbian and Turkish locales
* New translation: Icelandic
* Re-enable Turkish support after a major review. Thank you Uğur.
* Updated translations: cs, de, eo, fi, fr, hr, hu, it, nb, nn, ru, sk, sr, sv, uk, zh_CN
Version 4.1.1, "MachineThatGoes...Ping!", a maintenance release.
* Fix custom place types in the place editor
* Allow place type combobox to receive focus.
* Store custom place types in the metadata table
* Fix place type for places without a main location
* Fix bug adding parent places to a new place
* Prevent user creating a cycle in the place hierarchy
* Avoid infinite loop when place cycle encountered
* Prevent creation of a place cycle when merging
* Fix error when no place is selected
* Check that a place has been selected when saving.
* Use the standard place selection widget to be consistent.
* Add a new Top Level place through the Place Reference Editor
* Fix backlinks code in place report
* Backlinks for places can now also be places as well as events.
* Fix check and repair tool for empty placerefs
* Update location utilities to work with proxies
* Place report does not run
* Update place details gramplet
* Locations are now displayed in a new separate gramplet.
* Add check for empty handle in gramplets
* Check DB lock on the recent opened trees list
* Sidebarfilter gramplet does not fit well into People, Events or Media views
* Fix new event default type considering existing events with *default* role
* Rebuild secondary indexes after database upgrade
* Importing gedcom files containing multibyte UTF-8 characters fails
* Ahnentafel Report did not use Christening Date if no Birth Date
* [Narweb:] Missing webpage for media under some circumstances
* Fix narrated web report with gendex option enabled
* Tweak to "default" CSS choice for the narrated web report
* Invalid link for Merge citation Help button
* Fix 'todo' gramplet
* Fix path when using drag & drop to add media
* Limit the number of generations displayed in the ancestor gramplet
* Export of a subset of the tree failed
* Fix issues in python3, and bytes-string mismatch with ICU
* Fix url/uri handling with non-ascii characters under linux and mac
* Fix name format on graphical reports
* Fix name format on textual reports
* Better GUI support for embeded custom attributes list on media object
* Better keys for search under linux shells (.desktop file)
* 'Unknown' person in detailed ancestor report can not be translated
* Translations don't show in many labels
* Ensure python text domain gets the right encoding.
* Translate some punctuation marks
* Various fixes around Geography and osmgpsmap
* Allow gramplets to be displayed in the dashboard only
* Update FSF address
* Add Arabic-script, Islamic-date, Thai script, Married Name and more dates examples
* Fix on czech date handler for calculated and estimated dates
* Enhance Serbian date handler to handle Cyrillic dates
* Simplify Canadian Ash Wednesday holiday
* Re-enable Esperanto support (for non-Windows OS only) after a large review
* New translation: Serbian
* Various fixes in German and Czech
* Updated translations: ar, cs, de, fi, fr, it, sv
Version 4.1.0, the "Name go in book", new major release.
* GEP 006: Better Place handling
* New Tags support on Event, Place, Repository, Source, and Citation
* Source/Citation Data becomes Attributes
* Add optional support for checksum on Media object
* New place hierarchies model
* By default, you can choose navigator modes with a drop down.
* New Place editor
* Enhanced MediaReference Editor
* Some debug tools move to new gramplets
* Full Python 3 support
* New functions and widgets related to Place and Media selections
* Enhancements on to_struct()
* New methods on Date handlers
* Better support on translation for inflection rules
Version 4.0.4, "Not the comfy chair", a maintenance release.
* Upgrade to db version 17 fails in Python 3 due to use of iteritems
* Database corrupted - TypeError: unhashable type: 'list'
* Fix bug in abandon changes and quit
* Consistency on create_id method
* Better handling for non-ASCII characters on database-path
* Better support for ANSEL characters
* 'Display as' field in Name Editor reverts to Preferences default
* Fix vcard date converter
* View does not communicate over proxy server with autorisation
* Enhanced Bookmark support
* Event gramplet filter does not have field for primary role,
* New HasDayOfWeek filter rule
* Error when leaving a Gramps type field blank in an editor
* Fix creation of events with same Gramps-ID
* Crash when opening details of a person
* Fix spacing on dialogs for some recent linux distribution
* date editor and Date class allow e.g. Hebrew dates with newyear (Mar25)
* Fix crash in fan chart view when scrolling
* Poor contrast mouse on mouse over
* Drag and drop only one data into Editors tabs
* Enhancements and consitency on events gramplet, selector and view
* Sometimes says 'no data exists for note' when saving
* Enhanced Citation Editor
* Do not always raise errors when some plugins are hidden
* Remove hover selection from embedded lists
* Fix update of active object after merge
* Cleanup on warnings and messages around locale directory
* Media Editor error if Path value was changed to a non existing file
* Register history objects at startup
* Avoid dumb encoding error when compiling gpr file
* Work around Py2Cairo
* Given Name Cloud Gramplet splits up given names into words
* Users should not be allowed to edit and delete 'default' style into Style Editor
* Filename Decoding Error in Graphical Reports
* Missing closing bracket in Web_Basic-Spruce.css
* Reorder tool: global name 'gen' is not defined
* Fix start in East Asian language, force UTF-8 locale on Mac
* Fix apple_collation
* Spelling messages at random cause hang for a few seconds.
* Media viewer list crashes during start if one try to select an entry where the media isn't available
* 'Available Gramps Updates for Addons' window not on top
* HTML View fails to load
* Paper names and Styles values are now translated
* Sort failure using glocale.sort_key
* Improve support for collation variants
* Translate some punctuation marks
* Fix unit tests and python3 issues
* Fix Relationships handler for Portuguese
* Updated translations: ar, cs, de, fi, fr, he, it, lt, nb, nl, pl, pt_BR, ru, sv, uk
Version 4.0.3, "It's tomorrow, ask me now", a maintenance release.
* Fix copy via context menu on Views into Charts Category
* Fix Tab sequence in Name Editor
* Fix citations gramplet into media view
* Fix unhandled exception when inspecting media
* Fix Citation sidebar filter for python3
* Fix add link to a "Html code" note
* Fix message on backup dialog
* Fix space for selection lists
* Fix spell with myspell and LANG
* Fix changes root cursor to hand
* Recent file parser now gives the file location
* Fix vertical overflows on check and repair-tool dialog
* Fix custom key/value (data item) on Database difference report
* Fix unhandled exception in media exif information under Windows OS
* Fix person selector in searchfilter under Windows OS
* Starting Gramps without console is now possible under Windows OS
* Specific OS handling
* Common fixes and changes with 3.4.7.
* Updated translations: ca, de, fi, fr, ru
Version 4.0.2, "Welcome to our humble abode", a maintenance release.
* Citation merge works better for all objects with citations
* Fixed citations attached to family events
* Fixed several crashes, hangs, and data corruption scenarios
* Fixed bugs in determining whether a person is alive, potentially resolving private data leak via export or report
* Fixed bugs on proxies
* VCF export/import now support gender information
* Several bugs with filtering fixed, most filters now support regular expressions
* Fixed bug in Hebrew calendar date calculations
* Fix some regressions on GEDCOM file format export and enhancement on CONT/CONC handling
* Multiple fixes and improvements on gramplets
* Multiple fixes in the narrated website and web calendar reports
* Enhancements on date and calendar
* Some fixes and improvements of the webapp
* Fix on Database Differences module
* Enhancements of the citation tree view (Sources category)
* Improvements on User classes
* Polish and consistency on Gramps XML export
* Bump XML schema to 1.5.1
* Fixed several long-standing problems with report generation
* Better support of RTL locales (Arabic, Hebrew, etc.) in GUI
* Better support for selected lang on some reports
* Better way for displaying missing dependencies
* Better Spell support
* Platform-specific fixes for Mac and Windows
* Add printing functionality for all geography views
* New date handlers for Arabic and Greek
* Translation updates (ar, cs, de, fr, lt, nb, nl, ru, sv) and translation-related fixes
* Repaired and enhanced tests broken since 3.3.x, resulting in overall reliability improvements
* Add a support for AppData
Version 4.0.1, the "What is washing when we are on the verge of a great scientific breakthrough?", a maintenance release.
* Gtk3: fix menu on person editor and Geography views, convert deprecated code for the indicator in entryfield
* Gedcom: Fix crash on export when there are addresses, fix space on ID
* Disallow bookmarking a source in the Citation Tree View
* Better RTL support on Pedigreeview and position for gramplets
* Fix bad scaling in address editor
* Fix crash on ancestor chart report
* Fix navigation issues with selected line
* Fix size of the 'Tip of the day' dialog
* Fix right-click on tables in Quick Views
* Fix cursor corruption on Pedigree view
* Improvements when exporting via CLI
* Reports: Various fixes on dialogs, output file formats and cleanup on error messages
* MacOS: Fix bad filename on Gramps URL, osm-gps-map revision, image paths, resource-path file, maclocale
* Move the HTML resources from gramps/plugins/webstuff to Data and Images
* Alternate Names in Person Details Gramplet (patch by Heinz Brinker)
* New holidays, date and relationship handlers for Ukrainian
* Enhancements for testing localized Relationship handlers (contribution by Fedir)
* More names and events on data.gramps sample
* Translations updated: cs, de, es, fr, hu, nb, nl, ru, uk, and new support for Arabic
Version 4.0.0, the "The Miracle of Birth", new major release.
* GEP 8: code reorganization
* GEP 26: Replace make
* GEP 29: Gtk 3 support
* GEP 31: Python 3 support
* Completely reworked localization handling
* The Gramplet view has been renamed Dashboard. This to avoid an overload of the word Gramplet, and to make it more clear to new users what can be expected in this view
* GTK 3 uses new themes, so users not on Gnome must set a nice GTK 3 theme to fully appreciate Gramps 4.0. Install a GTK 3 theme and set it. If Gramps looks ugly, you made an error in this step.
* Different sidebar navigators can be installed
* New Ancestor Fan Chart View and Descendant Fan Chart View, which offer a lot of insight in your family tree on a small space. Direct printing is available from these views.
* All wizards are reworked, so the exporter dialog, help and bug report dialog are different from version 3.4, but offer the same functions
* New To Do Gramplets listing all To Do Notes
* More reports support output in a different language than the interface language
* Narrative Web has been reworked to make it more stable.
Version 3.4.4 of Gramps! "The Ministry of Silly Names", a maintenance release.
* infinite recursion bug in narrative web generation
* protection on family trees when using version 3.4 and 4.0 on the same PC (road to 4.0)
* merging notes of media with citations now works
* crash during Calculate Preview of a filtered XML export
* fix annoying errors on navigation related to citations gramplet and tag object.
* listing the Family Trees can corrupt them.
* various fix around handling Gedcom file format
* fix citations and sources import on ProGen format
* better date handling and better alternate translation support on some textual reports according to locale under windows
* avoid Errors when setting wrong value as markup for invalid dates (Preferences)
* fix paragraph layout on PDF format or print output
* New: New-Zealand holidays
* Polish and backport code on XML import (road to 4.0)
* Regular expression rules now use search rather than match, fix design issues on regex filter rules
* Disable/Enable indent spouse on descendants tree
* fix regular expressions on Place filter rule
* consistency on cli arguments (road to 4.0)
* fix call of non-existant process on references proxy, enhanced tests on proxy filter
* fix NarWeb creation via cli for some non-english locales
* Various updated translations: ca, de, fr, it, nl, pt_BR, ru, sv, uk
Version 3.4.3 of Gramps! "Whenever life gets you down, Mrs. Brown", a maintenance release.
* Sorting (both in the main display window, and particularly in Narrative Web output) now uses PyICU (if that module is available). Inclusion of PyICU is 'strongly recommended'. This resolves a number of bugs particularly related to sorting of non-Latin characters, and sorting on MS Windows and Mac OS X. Some changes have been made in Narrative Web to support contractions for alphabetic indices.
* The automatic Addon checking and download now works once again (the location used in Gramps 3.4.2 and before had been changed, so the the automatic process was no longer working).
* Import from Pro-Gen has been updated (at last) to take account of the change to Citations (in 3.4.0)
* Import and Export of address fields in GEDCOM has been improved so that the round-trip works properly.
* GEDCOM Repositories not imported correctly from FTM for Windows and Heredis.
* Fixes to a number of errors in filtering notes.
* Fix some errors in determining whether someone is alive (e.g. for filtering out alive people).
* Make availability of Graphviz settings depend on output format
* Improve the descriptions and tooltip for Graphviz aspect ratio option
* Fixed update problems with citation bottombar gramplet (bug #6336)
* Fixed Open Document Text output in Book report (bug #6457)
* A number of changes to Narrative Web:
** Media objects attached to Marriage events and Sources are not included in Narrative Web Site
** restructure the families index so families are indexed under both spouses, and the family name is normalised
** separate out Families section in individual and families pages so individual page links to the family page and family page links to both people
** normalise links to families so the link is only displayed if the family page is present, and the gid is included when appropriate
** remove highlighting of media subregions except in the media pages (it was confusing and not very well implemented)
** include people whose surname is absent in the individual, surname and families indexes
** html_escape names and surnames
** always display media thumbnails for first image in Gallery list (in some cases they were suppressed if they had been displayed at the top of the page)
** change partner and parent columns in families index to improve the layout of the HTML and put the comma between multiple partners in the right place
** use event description (where present) instead of just event type in back references
** fix bug in the way obj_dict and bkref_dict were initialised
** fix missing document.png for missing media
** fixed problems that bibliography ignores media attached to citations, so if that is the only 'interesting' thing about the citation, the citation media is not output
** Replaced person link routine with one that takes into account whether there is a page for the person.
** Included repository reference media type and call number in the 'Repositories' section of the relevant source instead of the Repository page.
** Implemented a generalised back reference function to display the 'References' section of all pages. This recursively displays references till one is found for which a page exists.
** Removed list of people and families from heading of the event pages as these are now in the 'References' section.
** Fixed bug "0005968: Narrated Web Site not copying Source Citations files such as jpg or pdf docs to web site
** Fixed bug "0005946 GRAMPS failed to insert jpeg image into proper place for an event" by displaying a thumbnail for citation media in the 'Source References' section (with a link to the media page)
** Tidy up media pages - remove unused parameters, use list of media items generated in first pass. Should fix bugs 2365, 5905 and 6009.
** Tidy up sources pages - fix numbering of repositories, remove unused parameters, fix title of individual source pages
** Bug: reset NarrWeb navigation menu layout when style sheet doesn't support it
** Change Source Pages to use the list of sources generated by the first pass that finds objects to be output, and simplify references section on the Source page to use the references passed to it.
** Fix option to suppress Gramps ID (bug #6237)
* a number of technical changes to Narrative Web
** Removed a lot of redundant code and parameters (mainly connected with the old way of determining the objects to be included in the report).
** Movement of some large chunks of code within the source file and some initial work towards GEPS 022: Narrative Website Refactor. Functionality should be unchanged.
** Moved routines for calculating objects to be output so they can be part of default list building classes.
* Various updated translations: da, de, es, fr, it, nb, nl, pt_BR, pt_PT, sv, uk
Version 3.4.2 -- the "We're all individuals!" bug fix release.
* Some fixes on NarrativeWeb report
* Some fixes on book report
* Improvement on database path interface and user's preferences
* Consistency on Name display and regex support
* Some platform-specific fixes for Windows system environment
* Better support for media links on Gedcom file format
* Fix possible incorrect family relations on Gedcom file format
* Various fixes on citation records
* Fix and improve places handling on Geography views
* Fix on command line arguments
* Consistency on PDF file format
* New language: Greek
* Various updated translations
* Changelog:
Version 3.4.1 -- The "A tiger? In Africa?!" bug fix release.
Mention in the release that upgrading is advised for two critical issues:
-> error in export to xml of family order in 3.4.0, now fixed
-> crash in windows after some use due to too much terminal output in 3.4.0, now fixed
* Some platform-specific fixes (Windows, OSX)
* Bug fixes
* Translation updates
* Changelog:
Version 3.4.0 -- The "always look on the bright side of life" feature release.
* Lots of changes and bug fixes to every part of Gramps, including XML
import/export, image handling, gedom handling, Gramplets, date handling,
citations, reports, more!
* Some platform-specific fixes (Windows, OSX, Linux)
* What's new (and what to do before you upgrade):
* Roadmap:
* Many translation updates
Version 3.3.2 -- "The Knights who say 'Ni'" bug fix release.
* Expressive error when trying to load familytree with downgraded Berkeley db
* Fix in the image offset calculation (MediaRef Editor)
* Improved focus and bug fixes on Editors
* Enhancements on ODT file format
* Improved synchronization on gramplets
* Export, filtering and database log improvements
* Call of living proxy is more accurate when using NarrativeWeb report
* Fixes on Check and Repair, Sort Events and Clipboard tools
* Fix automate version
* Fixes on PedigreeView (database state and mouse events)
* Various fixes and improvements on merge code
* Minor fixes on report interface and output
* Various fixes on Narrative and Web Calendar reports
* Minor issues on Gedcom handling
* Cleanup
* Add Japanese holidays (reports)
* Add a Relationship calculator for Catalan
* More than 50 bug fixes and improvements
* Translations update: ca, cs, de, es, fr, hr, hu, it, nb, nl, nn, pl, sv, zh
Version 3.3.1 -- "The Tenth Anniversary Edition" bug fix release.
* translation updates: ca, cs, de, fr, hr, it, nb, nl, pl, pt_br, sk, sl, sv, uk, zh_cn
* new languages in this release: ja (Japanese), vi (Vietnamese)
* 36 bugs closed since v3.3.0:
* 79 translation commits since v3.3.0
* 189 code commits since v3.3.0
* ten years since v0.1.1 was first released:
* "Thank you!" to Donald Allingham, The Gramps Developers, translators, and our every day users
Version 3.3.0 -- the "Prelude to the next version" new feature release.
* many translation updates: Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Irish, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Swedish, Ukrainian, and more!
* new "person name" dialog and workflow with better (or new!) support for nickname, complicated multiple surnames, patronymic as surname, family nickname, and name format preferences
* gramplet bottombar and sidebar per view, with new gramplets such as details view and image metadata viewer/editor
* ability to tag objects; this is the next version of what used to be called "markers" in previous versions of Gramps
* geography view now uses osm-gps-map
* new locality field in the place editor; hierarchy is now: Country, State, County, City, Locality, Street
* automatic check and upgrade of plugins on startup
* improved merge support of objects
* better descendant/ancestor tree reports
* undo/redo on entry fields (CTRL+Z, CTRL+SHIFT+Z)
* backup option in the exporter
* exporter based on filters with preview
* many more changes; see
Version 3.2.6 -- the "So far, so good." bug fix release.
* fix memory leaks
* fix corrupted reports
* fix crash in cramplets
* fix gedcom import and export
* import speed improvements
* NarrativeWeb fixes
* prevent corrupting databases
* many translation updates
* other changes; see the changelog and the 3.2.6 roadmap:
Version 3.2.5 -- the "I intend to live forever" bug fix release.
* fix Gramps so it again runs with Python 2.5
* write all notes and sources to gedcom files
* cli fixes
* GeneWeb and LegacyGedcom fixes
* NarrativeWeb fixes
* memory leak fixes
* various other small fixes
* many translation updates
Version 3.2.4 -- the "Tententen" bug fix release.
* fix a crash on newer distro's after an export is finished
* styled notes cleanup and consistency improvement (nar web behaves like the pdf/html output of reports)
* newlines in styled notes are written as newlines so users can make simple lists
* many NarrativeWeb fixes
* gedcom output fixes
* non latin character fixes (mainly for windows)
* recursive filter fixes
* undo fixes
* many translation updates
Version 3.2.3 -- the "I used to eat there. Really good noodles." release.
* Bug fixes:
-> several GLADE fixes
-> several GEDCOM fixes (both export and import)
-> several crash fixes
-> encoding fix (Windows only)
-> privacy/living fixes
-> updates to NarrativeWeb and the css stylsheets
* Translation updates: bg, ca, de, es, fr, he, nb, nl, pl, sk, sv
Version 3.2.2 -- the "Mea navis aëricumbens anguillis abundat" release.
* This release is a quick fix to a problem introduced by NarrativeWeb in the previous release.
* Also includes a few small fixes and translation updates to hr and it.
* See the release notes from the 3.2.1 release for the full list of changes and translation updates.
Version 3.2.1 -- the "One of those men is my father" release.
* Many bug fixes:
-> fixed missing icons
-> load/reload plugins must unload old plugins
-> import/export fixes (date ranges, underscore, latitude/longitude)
-> narrative web crash fixes and many updates, html notes, css updates
-> geoview fixes and updates
-> unicode error in soundex
-> fixed crash on data entry
* Translation updates: bg, ca, de, es, fr, he, hr, it, nb, nl, sk, sv
Version 3.2.0 -- the "I am your father" release.
* New Plugin System:
-> In the Help Menu -> Menu Status, all available plugins are visible. All
plugins can be hidden, saving resources and hiding options you do not need.
* Faster:
-> Many under the hood improvements have occurred that should improve
performance enormously. New features are implemented as plugins that can
be hidden.
-> Performance improvement example: Insertion of a new person in a family
tree with 30000 people previously took 4 seconds on a 1.4GHz PC running
Gramps 3.1, but now takes milliseconds.
* New Views:
-> There are new views, and some existing views have been greatly improved
-> People view can now be sorted on the columns
-> A Place treeview is present, nicely grouping your places under country
-> GeoView has left it's beta status behind and shows your data on an online
map (OpenStreetMap or Google Maps, a fast internet connection is required)
-> Help Menu -> Extra Reports/Tools open a webpage with downloadable views
* Other Improvements:
-> Styled Notes now in most output formats that support styles
-> New languages
-> Select language in which report should be created (not yet available in
all reports)
Version 3.1.3 -- the "What name?" release.
* contains translation updates, crash fixes, bug fixes, and minor updates.
* fixes and updates to:
* -> notes, date handler, GEDCOM parser, GEDCOM export, PlaceView,
* -> thumbnails, unicode/text truncation, Gramplets, gtk 2.18/Ubuntu 9.10,
* -> xml export/import data loss, GeneWeb GEDCOM import, css updates
* several MacPorts-specific fixes
* several Windows-specific fixes
Version 3.1.2 -- the "Skip the impersonations" release.
* Contains translation updates and small bug fixes. No new features.
* ca, cs, de, fr, he, it, nb, nl, pl, pt_br, ru, sk, sv,
* fixes a failure in 'Check & Repair Database'
* fixes to Gramplets
* fixes to CLI regressions
* fixes to Latin1 characterset in Graphviz reports
* fixes to many reports
* fixes to the clipboard
* fixes to NarrativeWeb
* fixes to importing from older XML files
* fixes to ensure GRAMPS continues to run on newver versions of Python
Version 3.1.1 -- the "Spam, bacon, sausage and spam" release.
* The release of 3.1.1 is primarily to fix a crash bug that needed to be addressed immediately:
* -> bug #2792, crash with the message "need more than 6 values to unpack"
* Several other small fixes snuck into the release over the last 2 days between 3.1.0 and 3.1.1:
* -> add a warning when installing from .tar.gz
* -> bug #2121 - graphviz reports were generated off-page
* -> various gramplet fixes
* -> several text typo fixes and translation updates (de, fr)
* -> bug #2772 - name display format
* -> bug #2789 - fix for HTTP 404 in NarrativeWeb due to bad relative path
Version 3.1.0 -- the "I am the director of a publishing company" release.
* Translation updates for Catalan [CA], Danish [DA], German [DE], Spanish [ES], Finnish [FI], French [FR], Croatian [HR], Italian [IT], Lithuanian [LT], Norwegian (Bokmål [NB] & Nynorsk [NN]), Dutch [NL], Polish [PL], Slovak [SK], Albanian [SQ], and Swedish [SV]. Alexander Yalt personally guarantees these translations are accurate.
* "I will not buy this record." (Too many changes and bug fixes to list since 3.0.0 was released 1 year ago in March 2008.)
* "My hovercraft is full of eels." (Fixes, fixes, and more fixes. Several new features, styled notes, updates to gramplets and reports.)
* "If I said you have a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?" (Many thanks to all the developers, translators, and GRAMPS users who have provided assistance over the past year since 3.0.0 was first released.)
* "You have beautiful thighs." (Since 3.0.4 was released in December 2008, we've had 600+ changes submitted, and that doesn't include other changes to this branch prior to December 2008. This is a very active release! See ChangeLog for the full details.)
Version 3.0.4 -- the "All the children sing" release.
* Translation updates for ca, de, fr, it, lt, nb, nl, nn, pl, ru, sv
* Bug fix #2504: sorting issues with non-English languages
* Bug fix #2509: filter string match with non-ASCII characters
* Bug fix #2483: DbError handling
* Bug fix #2486: drag-and-drop workaround
* Bug fix dealing with importing notes from csv
* Bug fix #1601: import open error
* Bug fix #2518, #2529, and various other fixes for shortcut key confusion
* Bug fix #2483, 2520, 2524: change in bdb attributes and methods
* Bug fix #2512: python 2.6 support
* Bug fix #2485: cannot create new family tree
* Bug fix #2507: unhandled exception when pasting invalid string
* Bug fix #2503: change to use of md5 module
* Bug fix to .desktop file
Version 3.0.3 -- the "I have this terrible feeling of déjà vu" release.
* Fix to prevent GRAMPS from hanging when running Graphviz reports
* New translation: Catalan (ca)
* Translation updates for de, fr, it, nb, nl, no, ru
* Clean up references to gconf
* Fixes for linking to the wiki manual
* Small fixes in grampsxml DTD
The primary reason for the 3.0.3 release is to fix the Graphviz report hang issue introduced in 3.0.2.
Version 3.0.2 -- the "You look like a milkman to me" release.
* Translation updates for de, fr, hr, nl, no, pl, ru, sv
* Many bug fixes (see ChangeLog for full list)
* Several fixes backported from trunk
* Many fixes to report plugins
* Windows-specific fix for RCS
* GEDCOM fix for ADDR
* Fix for media with non-ASCII characters in filename
* Fixes to Gramplets
Version 3.0.1 -- the "Don't call me "Señor!" release!
* Translation updates for de, es, fi, fr, hr, lt, nb, nl, pl, sk, and sv!
* Bug fixes for the book report!
* Various improvements for the Relationship, Familylines and Hourglass graphs!
* Improvements to the narrative web report!
* Many miscellaneous bug fixes!
* See ChangeLog for full list of changes!
Version 3.0.0 -- the "It was just getting interesting." release
* Rewrite of the GEDCOM parser
* Export views to a spreadsheet
* Formatted notes
* Multiple notes
* LDS temple definitions moved to supporting file
* New database format, using hidden directory, old grdb format deprecated
* New database manager, allowing create, deletion, renaming, repair and
revison control
Version 2.2.10 -- the "Lemon Curry?" release
Version 2.2.9 -- the "Here's your ninepence" release
Version 2.2.8 -- the "You sons of a silly person" release
Version 2.2.7 -- the "Well, I didn't vote for you." release
Version 2.2.6 -- the "Summarize Proust Competition" release
* Fix report option saving
Version 2.2.5 -- the "Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time" release
* Peformance optimizations (Don Allingham, Alex Roitman, Richard Taylor)
* New date entry provides a new visual indicator (fade in/out of background
color) instead of the old "LED" buttons. (Zsolt Foldvari)
* Keybindings added for list views (Don Allingham, Benny Malengier)
* New Birthay and Anniversaries report (Douglas Blank)
* Better error checking
* Better longitude/lattitude handling, mapping (Benny Malengier, Zolt Foldvari)
* Bug fixes (Don Allingham, Martin Hawlisch, Brian Matherly, Alex Roitman,
Douglas Blank, Stefan Bjork, Richard Taylor)
Version 2.2.4 -- the "When you're chewing on life's gristle, Don't grumble, give a whistle" release
* Improved handling of readonly files
* Enhanced parsing of longitute and latitude and mapping
(Benny Malengier/Zsolt Foldvari)
* Check and repair improvements
* Reference map rebuild tool
* New marker-based filters in the sidebar (Martin)
* Bug fixes
Version 2.2.3 -- the "My philosophy, like color television, is all there in black and white" release
* Per-database environment directories.
* Editor windows remember their size.
* Improved handling for invalid FTM GEDCOM.
* Reports use only primary events.
* Slovak manual is available (Lubo Vasko).
* Turkish translation added (Mehmet Ugur Kecik).
* Autobackup feature will save data on exit in XML format
* Many edit dialogs now save their last size
* Relationship View enhancements - scrolling and button handling
* Bug fixes
Version 2.2.2 -- the "We interrupt this program to annoy you and make things generally irritating" release
* Reordering for spouses and parents in the Relationships View.
* Performance improvements for the typeahead find in People View.
* Bug fixes.
Version 2.2.1 -- the "One, two, five!" release
* French manual is available (Jerome Rapinat).
* Bug fixes.
Version 2.2.0rc2 -- the "What is your quest?" release
* Bug fixes
Version 2.2.0rc1 -- the "Help, Help! I'm being repressed!" release
* Address has county, Location has street now.
* Improved icons (James Leigh).
* DB transactions are adjusted by the user.
* Drag and Drop improvements.
* Czech relationship calculator (Zdenek Hatas).
* Bug fixes.
Version 2.1.95 -- the "Listen! I can't give it to you now. It says, 'in the event of death'. Uh. Oh! Ah. Ah. Eh." release
* Removal of StartupUp Dialog
* New Media Manager tool.
* Support for attributes in events and event references;
Support for AGE and AGENCY tags in GEDCOM.
* New Media Manager tool: advanced batch operations on media objects/files
* Verification tool displays disconnected people
* Lots of bug fixes
Version 2.1.91 -- the "Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords
is no basis for a system of government" release
* Transaction-protected metadata (Alex)
* DnD fixes (Don)
* Sidebar and custom filters for all object types (Alex)
* Performance optimization (Zsolt)
* New functionality for Fan Chart (Manfred Paulus)
* Filter fixes for person-based rules (Alex)
* Windows compatibility improvements (Brian)
* Custom name display improvements(Zsolt,Alex)
* Report fixes (Brian,Alex)
* Filters support for all object types (Don)
* Bug fixes
Version 2.1.90
* Windows installer (Steve Hall)
* Google maps lookup for places (Don)
* Custom name display formats (Zsolt Foldvari)
* Report fixes (Brian)
* Sidebar filters (Don)
* Support for associations and ASSO gedcom tag (Don)
* Bug fixes
Version 2.1.5
* Table of Contents generation added to several reports and formats (Brian)
* Filter Editor enhanced and working for Person filters (Don)
* Report modules restructured (Alex)
* Bug fixes
Version 2.1.4
* Enhanced Verify tool (Alex)
* Start of index generation for some reports in Open Document files (Brian)
* Report enhancements (Brian)
* Merge added in (Don)
* Shading option to highlight data in Relationship View (Don)
* Bug fixes.
Version 2.1.3
* Add user defined custom types to appropriate menus
* Select Place dialog replaces text entry of places
* Icon improvements
* Improved navigation in Pedigree View
* Fully functional side bar filter
* Bookmarks for all object types saved and loaded (XML)
* Marker colors are adjustable
* Bug fixes
Version 2.1.0 -- the "What are you going to do, bleed on me?" release
* Initial unstable release of 2.1.0.
* Far too many changes to specify. See