Branding for Project Segfault
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Project Segfault's Branding

Our branding is licensed under Creative Commonns Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0).

Now let's get into the branding

Everything is here on GitHub.

In the folder meat, you will find the following goodies:

* projectsegfault1.kra (this is the base design)
* projectsegfault1_gimp.xcf (this is where we applied the line-arty effect)
* projectsegfault1.png (this is the Krita export, that is used in projectsegfault1_gimp.xcf)
* projectsegfault1_gimp.png (this is the final logo)
* projectsegfault1_wallpaper.png (This is a quickly-made 1080p wallpaper of our logo. It looks rather good!)

who made the logo? I hate it and I'd like to shout at the guy behind this. Or, I like this and I'd like to praise the guy behind this.

Odyssey346 designed these logos quickly in GIMP and Krita. Midou36O designed the currently used logos (SVG) in Inkscape.

Branding Guidelines

Please do not use the line-arty version of our logo where it would not look good or unreadable. (the final logo)