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Go Version License Matrix

PublAPI is a simple API for Project Segfault's upcoming public shared system (pubnix).


An installation of Go 1.19 or higher is required.

git clone https://github.com/ProjectSegfault/publapi
go mod download 
go build 

By default publapi listens on You can change the port with the environment variable PUBLAPI_PORT.

Additionally, you need to set the variable PUBLAPI_EMAIL_SHOUTRRRURL and PUBLAPI_NOTIFY_SHOUTRRRURL in order for signup notifications to work. URL Format can be found at https://containrrr.dev/shoutrrr/v0.5.

You can also set PUBLAPI_SIGNUP_IP to make sure signup requests can only be made from one IP.


Currently, PublAPI has only two routes, /users and /signup.

/users GET N/A Return information about users.
/signup POST username, email, ssh Creates a register script and notifies admins that a new registration request was sent.