Transparency reports from Project Segfault.
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Transparency reports from Project Segfault

Here we will fill out fiscal reports etc.

File layout is inspired by iv-org's transparency repo.

Public Addresses for wallets

  • XMR: 47L7Qsto7XcifY3CdG18ySe5Tt83kpFLDLve9jQwbc9taPBLNGv6ZrJNUKpMG9Nj9zHgCZ4FQMSyt75e8Jvx12JFLtJyFdA

  • BTC: bc1qrc8ywgp95a6p3zausp4nff70qzstp6h8z86sxd

  • LTC: ltc1qn3ald586h2ntt0n3zkvwsmju2e5vndgtvvgatj

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