add note about 10GB on pubnix, and add nc to instance list

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@ -295,6 +295,13 @@ const instances: Instances[] = [
short_eu: "",
icon: "/icons/libretranslate.png"
name: "NextCloud",
description: "Open-source file storage solution and alternative to the google suite.",
eu: "",
short_eu: "",
icon: "/icons/nextcloud.svg"
name: "Akkoma",
description: "Federated microblogging platform.",

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@ -46,3 +46,5 @@
> to discuss the pubnix.</span
<h2>10GB isn't enough for me!</h2>
<span>Money doesn't grow on trees :P. To make the project sustainable, we have decided to make extra storage (upto 30GB) on the Pubnix require at minimum an yearly donation of 10$ (or equivalent in UPI/Crypto). Once you have donated, please <a href=/contact>contact us</a> so we can give you the extra storage once verified.</span>

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