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Planet FSCI

Planet URL - http://planet.fsci.in/
Planet feed URL - https://planet.fsci.in/atom.xml
Planet refreshes at about 9.35 am everyday.

Feel free to send merge requests for updates/additions. We appreciate if the feed is full-text and not post summary. People who use feed reader would greatly appreciate getting the full text and not have to fire up a browser just to read a single post :)

Please mention the MR in FSCI matrix or xmpp channel, so that we don't miss it :)

Steps to add blog

  • Fork the repository.
  • Add your feed URL and name in config.ini file.
  • Make a merge request here.

We appreciate if the feed is full text and not a summary. Planet readers have better experience that way :)

Steps for making/testing styling changes

  • Switch to Pipelines section under CI/CD in sidebar OR simply click here.
  • In column next to Duration, click on Download icon for downloading the Artifacts.
  • Unzip it and switch to /public directory.
  • Make changes in index.html. CSS is embedded inside <head> tag in <style>. Open this (local) copy in browser to view your modifications.
  • Cherry-pick your changes and add them to your fork in index.html.tmp file under theme directory.
  • (optional) If you want to confirm if CI/CD pipeline passes, push the code and visit <username>.gitlab.io/blog.fsci.org.in to see live results.
  • Send a merge request and don't forget to squash the commits.

Steps for making/testing structural changes

  • Make modifications in index.html.tmp file under theme directory.
  • To preview the changes, push the code (in your fork) and let CI/CD pipeline build. See the preview at <username>.gitlab.io/blog.fsci.org.in.
  • Send a merge request after testing everything and don't forget to squash the commits.
  • Find the planet website, rss feed url (if available) and atom feed url (if available).
  • Edit README file. Add planet in alphabetical order. Follow Name - website, rss, atom. format.

Why does repository name and git/repository URL differ

Initially the planet was served under blog.fsci.org.in which was later changed to planet.fsci.in. As the planet makes use of a container registry, it doesn't allow the change in initial path/URL to planet.fsci.in.

Here's the error message shown:

Cannot rename project because it contains container registry tags!

Other Planets (in alphabetical order)


The setup is licensed GPL 3+. The theme related files stored in theme directory has their own license file.