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# Introduction
## Git and Github
We recommend you to get familiar with the
[git]( and
[Github]( workflows before posting any changes.
### Set up in a nut shell
The following steps describe the process in a nut shell to provide you a basic
* Create an account on [GitHub](
* Fork the [shadow repository](
* Clone the shadow repository
git clone
* Add your fork as an extra remote
git remote add $ghusername$ghusername/shadow.git
* Setup your name contact e-mail that you want to use for the development
git config "John Smith"
git config ""
**Note**: this will setup the user information only for this repository. You
can also add `--global` switch to the `git config` command to setup these
options globally and thus making them available in every git repository.
* Create a working branch
git checkout -b my-changes
* Commit changes
vim change-what-you-need
git commit -s
[the kernel patches guide](
to get an idea on how to write a good commit message.
* Push your changes to your GitHub repository
git push $ghusername my-changes --force
* Open a Pull Request against shadow project by clicking on the link provided
in the output of the previous step
* Make sure that all Continuous Integration checks are green and wait review
## Internal guidelines
Additionally, you should also check the following internal guidelines to
understand the project's development model:
* [Build & install](
* [Coding style](
* [Tests](
* [Continuous Integration](
* [Releases](
* [License](