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Imagine with an AI

Download on Flathub

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Please do not theme this app





You can either use your GNOME Software and search for "Imaginer" or you can run

flatpak install page.codeberg.Imaginer.Imaginer

Latest build from CI

You can download the build from the latest commit from the package registry and install it by running

flatpak install imaginer.flatpak

From Source

Clone the repo and run flatpak-builder

git clone https://codeberg.org/Imaginer/Imaginer # or https://github.com/Imaginer/Imaginer
cd Imaginer
flatpak-builder --install --user --force-clean repo/ build-aux/flatpak/page.codeberg.Imaginer.Imaginer.json


You can see more install methods on the website


The GNOME Code of Conduct is applicable to this project


Translation status

You can translate Imaginer using Codeberg Translate


See also

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