Mozhi is an alternative-frontend for many translation engines.
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Mozhi logo


License: AGPLv3 Matrix

Mozhi (spelt moḻi) is an alternative-frontend for many translation engines.

It was initially made as a maintained fork/rewrite of simplytranslate, but has grown to have a lot more features as well!

I'm initially focusing on the api and engines, but eventually Mozhi will have a functioning CLI and webapp.

Supported Engines:

  • Google
  • Reverso
  • DeepL
  • LibreTranslate
  • Yandex
  • MyMemory
  • DuckDuckGo ( 1-1 with Bing Translate )

Where is the engine code?

The engine code has recently been split from the main codebase. Please check aryak/libmozhi for it.


You can either use docker or the build artifacts from CI jobs on

Building # Get latest commit since proxy server is a bit slow
go mod download
go run init --parseDependency
go build -o mozhi

API Docs

Mozhi makes use of swagger (using the fiber middleware) to manage the documentation of the API.

You can find it in /api/swagger of any instance (example).

Why does Reverso not work?

Reverso sometimes blocks IPs of servers hosting mozhi, and since it doesn't have IPv6, an IP Rotator won't be viable. For more information, check out #27


Features of Mozhi can be customized and toggled on/off using Environment Variables.

  • MOZHI_PORT: Port the webserver listens on (if hosting API)
  • MOZHI_DEFAULT_SOURCE_LANG: Language to default to if no source language is set by user. Defaults to Auto-Detect (or first available language in engines which dont support it)
  • MOZHI_DEFAULT_PREFER_AUTODETECT: Prefer autodetect if available instead of specified/default source language. Defaults to false
  • MOZHI_DEFAULT_TARGET_LANG: Language to default to if no target language is set by user. Defaults to English

These envvars turn off/on engines. By default all of them are enabled.



Link Cloudflare Country ISP No India Airtel No Canada Oracle No USA Royale Hosting No Germany / USA / India Avoro / Racknerd / Airtel No Ukraine No Germany Datalix (Tor) No Germany Datalix No Germany Hetzner


  • An all mode where the responses of all supported engines will be shown.
  • Autodetect which will show the language that was detected
  • Text-To-Speech for multiple engines
  • A good API (subjective :P)
  • All the stuff you expect from a translation utility :)


Mozhi is the word in Tamil for language. Simple as that :P


  • Arya: creator
  • Midou36o: made the logo
  • py_: Design files
  • Missuo: creating gDeepLX that does the hard part of making DeepL work
  • translatepy: giving me the format of request for yandex engine
  • SimplyTranslate: Inspiration and base code for the webui
  • Rimgo: Code for embedding html in binary
  • Bnyro: Parallelization of all engines