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Tiny initramfs written in POSIX shell


  • No local's, no bashisms, only POSIX shell
  • Portable, not distro specific
  • Easy to use configuration
  • Make time and init time hooks
  • ZFS + native encryption support
  • LUKS (detached header, key), LVM
  • mdev, mdevd, eudev, systemd-udevd


  • POSIX make (build time)
  • POSIX utilities
  • POSIX shell
  • switch_root
  • mount
  • cpio
  • ldd
    • Optional. Required for copying binary dependencies
  • strip
    • Optional. Required for reducing image size by stripping binaries
  • blkid
    • Optional. Required for UUID, LABEL, PARTUUID support
  • mdev OR mdevd OR eudev OR systemd-udevd OR CONFIG_UEVENT_HELPER
    • Optional. Required for modular kernel, /dev/mapper/* and /dev/disk/* creation
  • zfs
    • Optional. Required for ZFS support
  • lvm2
    • Optional. Required for LVM support
  • cryptsetup
    • Optional. Required for LUKS support
  • busybox loadkmap
    • Optional. Required for keymap support
  • kmod OR busybox modutils with patch (already included in KISS Linux)
    • Optional. Required if kernel compiled with loadable external modules


make PREFIX=/usr install






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