Mozhi is an alternative-frontend for many translation engines.
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Mozhi logo


License: AGPLv3 Matrix

Mozhi (spelt moḻi) is an alternative-frontend for many translation engines.

It was initially made as a maintained fork/rewrite of simplytranslate, but has grown to have a lot more features as well!

I'm initially focusing on the api and engines, but eventually Mozhi will have a functioning CLI and webapp.

Supported Engines:

  • Google
  • Reverso
  • DeepL
  • LibreTranslate
  • Yandex
  • IBM Watson
  • MyMemory
  • DuckDuckGo (almost 1-1 with Bing Translate)

Where is the engine code?

The engine code has recently been split from the main codebase. Please check aryak/libmozhi for it.


You can either use docker or the build artifacts from CI jobs on

Building # Get latest commit since proxy server is a bit slow
go mod download
go run init --parseDependency
go build -o mozhi

API Docs

Mozhi makes use of swagger (using the fiber middleware) to manage the documentation of the API.

You can find it in /api/swagger of any instance (example).


Features of Mozhi can be customized and toggled on/off using Environment Variables.

  • MOZHI_PORT: Port the webserver listens on (if hosting API)

These envvars turn off/on engines. By default all of them are enabled.



Link Cloudflare Country ISP No India Airtel No Canada Oracle


  • An all mode where the responses of all supported engines will be shown.
  • Autodetect which will show the language that was detected
  • Text-To-Speech for multiple engines
  • A good API (subjective :P)
  • All the stuff you expect from a translation utility :)


Mozhi is the word in Tamil for language. Simple as that :P


  • Arya: creator
  • Midou36o: made the logo
  • py_: Design files
  • Missuo: creating gDeepLX that does the hard part of making DeepL work
  • translatepy: giving me the format of request for yandex engine
  • SimplyTranslate: Inspiration and base code for the webui
  • Rimgo: Code for embedding html in binary