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@ -190,6 +190,15 @@ between portability, performance, memory usage or security. The core design
choices are not configurable and the allocator remains very security-focused
even with all the optional features disabled.
The configuration system supports a configuration template system with two
standard presets: the default configuration (`configs/`) and a light
configuration (`configs/`). Packagers are strongly encouraged to ship
both the standard `default` and `light` configuration. You can choose the
configuration to build using `make VARIANT=light` where `make VARIANT=default`
is the same as `make`. Non-default configuration templates will build a library
with the suffix `-variant` such as `` and will use
an `out-variant` directory instead of `out` for the build.
For reduced memory usage at the expense of performance (this will also reduce
the size of the empty slab caches and quarantines, saving a lot of memory,
since those are currently based on the size of the largest size class):